Find an HVAC Repair Company in Martinsburg, Charles Town & Kearneysville, WV

Trust Eastern Panhandle Heating and Cooling, LLC to diagnose and repair HVAC issues

Is your HVAC system broken again? Maybe it was never repaired properly in the first place. When you work with the experts at Eastern Panhandle Heating and Cooling, LLC, you can expect detailed service that will get your Martinsburg, Charles Town & Kearneysville, WV property back to a comfortable temperature.

Our professionals will evaluate your HVAC system and perform the necessary repairs. We can also replace any burned-out parts. We can work on any brand. You'll love our reliable repairs and fair pricing. Get in touch with us right away to take advantage of our expertise.

Does Your HVAC Unit Need to be Repaired?

You can depend on us to diagnose your HVAC issues and repair them thoroughly. If your AC system is broken, here's a list of common issues that could apply to your situation:

  • The refrigerant is leaking.
  • The compressor and fan controls are worn out.
  • The thermostat sensor is in the wrong position.
  • The condensate drain is clogged.

Hire us now for long-lasting HVAC repairs. We can work at homes and businesses within a 35-mile radius of Martinsburg, Charles Town & Kearneysville, WV.