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Heat pump installation in Martinsburg & Charles Town, WV and Eastern Panhandle

If you're looking for a way to heat your home and cut down on energy bills, call Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling LLC today to speak to a member of our staff about heat pump installation. Heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient heating options. Eastern Panhandle is backed by 60 years of industry experience, so we'll install your new heat pump safely and correctly.

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Heat pump installation services

How do heat pumps work?

Heating pumps can be simple, cost-effective solutions to heating your home in Martinsburg, WV or Charles Town, WV but not many people know how they work. Here are three things you should know about heat pumps and how they work:

  • Heat pumps don't have to run constantly, which saves you from high energy bills.
  • When it's warm outside, heat pumps reverse direction and remove heat from your home.
  • If your heat pump has to run for long periods of time to make a small temperature difference in your home, this is a warning that your unit needs to be replaced.
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