Fire Up the Look of Your Home with Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling Gas Fireplaces

Leave wood fires in the past and upgrade your home with a traditional gas fireplace system. Don't have a chimney, but want a real fireplace system in your home? Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling installs gas fireplaces with direct ventilation, so no chimney is needed. Traditional gas fireplaces are customizable and have a timeless and high-quality design, built to last in your home. Hire one of out experience team members to install your new gas fireplace in Martinsburg, Charles Town, Shepherdstown, Kearneysville, WV today!
We partner with Regency Fireplace Products, we guarantee quality and service for our Gas Fireplaces. Regency Fireplace Products provides custom designed, high energy efficiency and traditional gas fire places. Allow Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling to install your traditional gas fireplace products, we specialize in all Regency Fireplace Products.

5 Reasons why you should switch to a traditional gas fireplace

Value and benefits to buying a gas fireplace in Martinsburg, Shepherdstown, and Charleston WV!

1. Simple to Use.
Gas fireplaces are easy to use. Skip the hassle of buying, chopping, building, and storing fresh fire wood. Have a gas fire is as easy as pressing a button.

2. Efficient Source of Heat.
Make gas fireplace your main alternative choice to heating your home. You can control the amount of heat output in your home with the touch of your fingertips, staying on all winter long unlike traditional fire wood.

3. Little to No Maintenance.
Nothing is worse than cleaning out the ashes of your wood fireplace. Using a traditional gas fireplace requires only a yearly cleaning regiment to help ensure safety and efficiency.

4. Better Safety.
With wood fireplaces there is the risk of sparks and embers coming up and possibly causing a fire in your home. With gas fireplaces this risk significantly lower due to the synthetic fireproof "wood" causing just the gas or propane to burn.

5. Easy Instillation.
With the help of Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling, installing a gas fireplace is as easy as picking up your phone and calling. Our experts ensure that the gas fireplace we install are safe and efficient. Leave the ventilation and installation process to Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling in Martinsburg, Charles Town & Kearneysville, WV.

Kick up your feet by the fire after calling Eastern Panhandle Heating & Cooling at 304-274-1716 and enjoy your custom gas fireplace in your home.

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custom gas fireplace martinsburg,wv
custom gas fireplace martinsburg,wv
custom gas fireplace martinsburg,wv