Trusted HVAC Maintenance in Martinsburg, Charles Town & Kearneysville, WV

Leave your HVAC maintenance to us

Don't wait until the first freezing winter's night to discover your HVAC system is broken. Eastern Panhandle Heating and Cooling, LLC offers HVAC maintenance in Martinsburg, WV and Charles Town, WV. We'll check on your system to ensure it's always ready for your use.

Sign up for our maintenance agreement contract for regular HVAC maintenance at your Martinsburg, Charles Town & Kearneysville, WV property. We'll examine your system twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, and perform the services it needs to operate efficiently all season long. Get in touch with us ASAP for pricing information.

We'll check every element of your heating and cooling system

You can trust us to inspect all of the necessary parts of your HVAC system to keep your property comfortable. We'll:

  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Clean coils and blowers.
  • Fix and replace loose and burnt wires.

Call us today at 304-274-1716 to keep your HVAC system operating properly.